Padron ali Padron Ali AG Bred by El Zoubie family 
                                       2009 Colt  
                             (LTF Nigier C x El Khansa)

exemplifie the bred program of the asil arabian horse

AG arabianhorses proudly introduces our first foal by the Multi Champion LTF Nigier C out of the incredible mare El Khansa (Sinjabi by Imperial Imdal x Atlanta by M.H. Weston) making him a wonderful concentratiom of some of the most treasured pecious blood in the world today.

He is with the epitome of true Arabian type, the body top with his beautiful dish head with it’s big black eyes and tiny muzzle the tail carriage. Simply we are proud over this cross production.
This little boy is a colt that in time will be a very competitive colt anywhere in the world. He has a fantastic show attitude with an excellent type and movement.

* Junior Male Silver Champion at 4th International Palestinian Pure Bred Beauty Championship - Jericho 26.11.2010
* 2nd at Israel Nationals 2010
* 2nd at the Israeli Galil Championship 2010 with 90 points

Pedigree Table
Pedigree Table



Malak el talibMalak El Talib AG Bred by El Zoubie family 
                                                             2009 Filly
                                            (LTF Nigier C x LTF Mallaina C)

Malak el talib - nigier cMalak El Talib AG exemplifies the goal of our breeding program. She is very lovely, feminine filly, correct, very typey, athletic, has a great presence and a special charisma…….

she has an exciting pedigree on top of her outstanding showattitude and type ( LTF Nigier C x LTF Mallaina C )

* 3rd at Galil Pure Bred Arabian Horse Fastival 2010
* Top five Israel Nationals 2009

Pedigree Table
Pedigree Table



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